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Although this article is targeted on providers of accommodation taking bookings online, you can apply these principles to most business website with goof effect. in fact, they should be the principles and building blocks of your business site.

The Easy Way to Advertise on Local Directory Sites

For local businesses, being found online can be challenging. Advertising on a national scale, with Google AdWords, for example, doesn’t make sense when your customers are local. Many businesses long …


This is much like the techniques used in remarketing with Adwords. You’ll probably find its much better ROI than advertising direct with these directories (and no ties-ins, Ts&Cs, etc). 

How to Recover From Negative SEO

Did you know that your competitors could hurt your search engines rankings? By doing malicious things in order to decrease your search engine rankings? T


With the recent Google algorithm changes, your site could be damaged, particularly by poor quality, paid-for links. This is how you set about undoing the bad work to restore your site.

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    Thanks for the explaination. I did everything accordingly, and now waiting for the 24h to pass for it to show up in my Analytics. However, the small one-sentence confirmation is not appearing anymore, when someone fills in the contact form on our website. Could you please give some input on how to fix this?

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    Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It does vary with the type of activity and LinkedIn frequently change their policies, but at present, LinkedIn’s maximum is 30 days.

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    Hi there.thank you for your website
    Is there any possibility to see all my updates in linkedin from the bigining?I had been linkedin member for about 3 years or so and .I had shared simething that I need it now and unfortunately I lose to have them any where else they were gone. I’d have been grateful if you can guide me
    Many thanks