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how to SEO Wordpress

SEO WordPress (How To Really Do It)

WordPress is a great platform for building websites and we’ve had some great results SEO’ing WordPress installations. However, straight out of the box, its not perfect, but can be improved.

Page Load Times

Search engines such as Google put much emphasis on usability and if visitors are bouncing back out of your site after being frustrated waiting for pages or images to load, that sends a really bad signal to them, meaning your site will likely get pushed down the results.

Run your site through Pingdom’s free website speed tester:

I’ve seen some really slow sites, but typical WordPress sites on cheap, shared web hosting with (too many) plugins, tend to have load times IRO of 3-4 seconds (too slow). You want less than 2 seconds minimum with a target of below 1 second, and this is what you need to consider:

The Growth Of Flat File

A trend which has emerged and is expected to grow throughout 2014 is the abandonment of over complicated CMSs and the uptake of stripped back flat file solutions. But what exactly is flat file architecture?


Think that WordPress is the be-all and end-all of web development? There is a cost (in terms of latency) of connecting to the database to retrieve data where flat files may be more efficient. Personally for me, I dont like db fetches and would prefer in memory (or cloud) caching everytime.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Development

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n October 2013, I was tasked with updating a site owned by BaKare Beds providing equipment for children with special needs.

BaKare already has a well-established site catering for clients of all ages, but needed a site dedicated to children’s products. The site had to be easy to use, informative and interactive in addition to being responsive, meaning that it dynamically adapts in order to render correctly whether viewed on desktop, tablet or Smartphone.

One month later, the new WordPress powered site went live. The site is viewable at:


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    Thanks for the explaination. I did everything accordingly, and now waiting for the 24h to pass for it to show up in my Analytics. However, the small one-sentence confirmation is not appearing anymore, when someone fills in the contact form on our website. Could you please give some input on how to fix this?

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    Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It does vary with the type of activity and LinkedIn frequently change their policies, but at present, LinkedIn’s maximum is 30 days.

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    Hi there.thank you for your website
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