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AdWords Management Services, Plymouth, Devon

Testimonial – AdWords

We had a lovely testimonial in last Friday from a long-term client of ours. Our focus is on search and conversion. We do this by driving highly targeted visitors to websites optimised to convert visitors into clients:

Hi Steve,

I know you are not one for blowing your own trumpet, but it’s the first time I have looked at the Google analytics and ad words and all I can say is wow! Never seen a bounce rate so low for an adwords campaign, very impressive! Great job! Brilliant results.

I am going to start working more closely with Michelle but just wanted to say how impressed I am with what you have done!


Craig Downton MCIM (Chartered Marketer)

Managing Director

Formerly recognised by the UKTI & Digital marketplace, supporting business growth through selling online.

Presentations and Speaking

As part of our services here at Crescent Digital, we also provide workshops & presentations at business events on the following subjects:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • mobile search
  • pay per click, including Google AdWords & Microsoft Bing
  • conversion rate optimisation (getting more website visitors to buy or enquire)
  • website userability
  • social media for business
  • WordPress development

We’ve had some great feedback recently, and below is letter received following a presentation to Plymouth Chamber of Commerce members:

Presentation on SEO & CRO at Plymouth Chamber

If you would like us to speak at your workshop or presentation, please get in touch.


About Us

Crescent Digital are specialists in growing revenue using digital marketing through consultancy, training and execution. We are accredited by the CIM and formally approved as a service provider for the UKTI for International Digital Marketing.
SEO Company - questions to ask

6 Questions To Ask When Hiring An SEO Company

Woman with long nose isolated on grey wall background. Liar concept. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings

We all receive the emails from SEO companies, promising of ‘no 1 position in Google’ – ironically after they have found you in Google. We have been called in to several businesses who have used the services of some questionable SEO agencies, still charging several hundred pounds per month, often ending in penalties from Google.

“It’s a shame that an entire profession should be ruined by two to three hundred thousand rotten apples.”

So, what do you ask when hiring an SEO Company?

It would be easy for me to ‘geek out’ on technicalities, but the typical business owner / manager would probably not be as technically comfortable with SEO terms, so below is a list of non-technical questions.

Here is my list of questions to ask:

International Digital Marketing

Case Study – International Digital Marketing

SEO Recovery From a Google Penalty

A manufacturer of military specification LCD monitors and touchscreen displays – we’ll call them “Tuff Displays Inc” – approached us in June 2014.

Tuff Displays Inc had a comprehensive website of over 100 pages showcasing their established business of 12 years. They had used the services of an SEO company for several years and enquiries were generated from the UK and overseas. However, the tactics used by the SEO company eventually became problematic with algorithmic changes in Google eventually causing them to be hit with a penalty from Google. The suspicions that things were not well were aroused when enquiries and website visitors dropped drastically earlier this year. Things had gotten so bad that even searching for the company by name only yielded results from page 10 of Google’s results.

The Problem: Investigating the link profile, it was obvious that Tuff Displays Inc had some highly suspicious links, including a disproportionately high number of links from a single site, links from low quality sources and many links using the same text. This issue appeared to have been worsened by the omission of traditional ‘white hat’ optimisation techniques, meaning that when the inbound links were discounted and ultimately penalized, rankings & visitors plummeted.

SEO Company Plymouth

One Reason Why Your SEO Isn’t Working

Many websites are built on the assumption they think they know what their customers are looking for. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of modifying your websites pages in order to rank near the top of search engine results. However, many SEO service companies’ (& DIY) efforts can be ineffective and costly if they are targeting the wrong words and phrases.

SEO Performed Using Assumed Keyword or Phrases Has 2 Major Problems:

  • these assumptions are not normally what your customers are looking for
  • these assumptions are typically made by your competitors as well

.. meaning that your websites & campaigns are all SEO’d to target the same (and possibly inefficient) phrases and words as your competitors. With an estimated 1.86 billion web pages indexed on the Internet [source April 2014], appearing in the top of the results is incredibly difficult if you and the competition target the same search phrases.

If you are guessing or using Google keyword tool to suggest keywords for your AdWords PPC campaign, targeting the wrong words can be costing you a lot of money.

What We Do Differently

  • We conduct research on your target market and perform competitor analysis.
  • We have access to data from the major search engines, which tells us exactly:
    • what your clients are searching for
    • and how your competitors are competing for their business
  • We supply you this data by the way as part of the service and in every case, the by-product of this research will discover niches that not even yourself or your competitors are aware of.
  • We then (SEO) develop or modify the website to rank highly in the search engines in order to attract and engage targeted clients.

.. which means more targeted clients will be visiting your website.

Steve’s experience of having written search engines as a software engineer has meant he has an implicit understanding of how search engine technologies work. This knowledge, coupled with solid business experience of creating and managing sales & marketing strategies (including several years at board level) has provided the unique experience to provide highly effective digital marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a professional SEO services company, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


About Me


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Steve Baker, Founder, Certified Google Partner & Chartered Institute of Marketing Accredited Digital Marketing Specialist.

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As a graduate software engineer, I started operating as a professional web designer in 2000, working on projects such as Brittany Ferries and Team Philips. I am also a Google Certified partner, accredited by the CIM and formally approved as a service provider for the UKTI for International Digital Marketing.I specialise in offering a complete service in order to generate more clients to help your business grow:
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) of websites.
  • PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Social Media campaigns such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Email campaigns
  • CRM tools in order to provide the systems for your sales staff to convert more leads.
If your business would like to attract more clients and grow, please get in touch - I'd love to chat.

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