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6 Questions To Ask When Hiring An SEO Company

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We all receive the emails from SEO companies, promising of ‘no 1 position in Google’ – ironically after they have found you in Google. We have been called in to several businesses who have used the services of some questionable SEO agencies, still charging several hundred pounds per month, often ending in penalties from Google.

“It’s a shame that an entire profession should be ruined by two to three hundred thousand rotten apples.”

So, what do you ask when hiring an SEO Company?

It would be easy for me to ‘geek out’ on technicalities, but the typical business owner / manager would probably not be as technically comfortable with SEO terms, so below is a list of non-technical questions.

Here is my list of questions to ask:

  1. A list of their clients so that you can pick up the phone and take old fashioned telephone references. You’ll also want to find out about how the relationship is managed between client & SEO company as this is key.
  2. Can they guarantee a #1 ranking in Google or Bing? If they answer yes, run in the other direction.
  3. Ask them what they believe is wrong with your website and provide a written audit or review
  4. How will they improve your website search engine rankings?
  5. Will they communicate updates to the changes made?
  6. What happens when you part ways? (I have had clients who have had link campaigns dismantled after terminating the contract)

I will emphasise, genuine references are key to understanding whether the SEO company will work for you – don’t be tempted by statistics alone. There maybe exceptions or additions to the above list, but I hope this works for you. I’d also be interested to know people’s experiences.


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