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Avoiding Your AdWords Ads from Appearing on Extreme & Bi-Partisan Sites on the Google Display Network

Google has been in the headlines after organisations including the British Government, Channel 4, The Guardian and the BBC started pulling their Google ads on YouTube. This is following a recent investigation by The Times which found adverts from major brands appearing alongside content from supporters of extremist groups. In addition to the unwanted associations, the YouTube adverts were estimated to be making the publishers around £6 per 1,000 views, leading to claims that top brands are “funding” extremist groups by unknowingly advertising on their videos.

This is following more than 1000 advertisers, including Kelloggs, BMW, Visa, T-Mobile, Nordstrom and Lufthansa pulling advertising out of Breitbart, the right wing news site.

Is My Business Affected By This?

If you are using Google AdWords, then the answer is very likely yes. By default, Google ads will not just show in Google  search results, but in Google Partner sites including YouTube and millions of other sites who display Google ads in return for commission.

What Can Be Done?

Crescent Digital take the reputation of our clients & of ourselves extremely seriously and have placed a temporary block on our clients’ YouTube advertising, pending reassurances from Google.  Additionally, we have temporarily placed a restriction on showing our clients ads on all video sharing platforms and sites showing right wing, left wing and religious topics.

How To Exclude AdWords Placements By Domain

Sites can be excluded from placements by domain name. Campaign Negative Placement lists can be created & maintained in the shared library for each account.

In the shared library, create the Campaign Negative Placement list, add keywords and apply to campaigns where placements are used.

These lists cannot be shared from a MCC agency account for several client accounts. For this reason, Campaign Negative Placement lists are likely to be difficult to maintain, particularly with managing several client accounts, hence why topic exclusions are also recommended.

How To Exclude Placements by Topic

In the AdWords campaign, select placements -> targeting:

Select Add Campaign Exclusions -> Topics

Search and Select Topics to Exclude:

Click close & save.

How To Exclude Video Sharing Placements

In the AdWords campaign, select placements -> targeting:

Select Site Category Options and exclude Video-Sharing Sites





About Me


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Steve Baker, Founder, Certified Google Partner & Chartered Institute of Marketing Accredited Digital Marketing Specialist.

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As a graduate software engineer, I started operating as a professional web designer in 2000, working on projects such as Brittany Ferries and Team Philips. I am also a Google Certified partner, accredited by the CIM and formally approved as a service provider for the UKTI for International Digital Marketing.I specialise in offering a complete service in order to generate more clients to help your business grow:
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) of websites.
  • PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Social Media campaigns such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Email campaigns
  • CRM tools in order to provide the systems for your sales staff to convert more leads.
If your business would like to attract more clients and grow, please get in touch - I'd love to chat.
Just Google It

Just Google It

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day when a noticed that a good friend had tweeted a picture of a ‘footnote’ that he’d found in a brand new book. For those of you that don’t know, a footnote is that handy reference number that authors use to direct readers to the bottom of the page for an explanation. However, this footnote was very different to anything else that I’d seen before because it simply said … ‘Google it’.

The image on Twitter was perfectly accompanied by the line ‘a footnote for our times’ and that’s true, it really sums up how we all operate. We tend to Google absolutely everything these days including ‘what purpose do X Factor winners have’, ‘what does Daisy Duke looks like now’ and ‘when was the last time a club like Leicester won the league’ … all valuable stuff, well sort of.

Sarcasm aside, from a commercial point of view it’s actually hugely important, especially when you consider that an estimated 64% of people Google something before they purchase it and that’s regardless of whether it’s either an ‘on’ or ‘offline’ transaction. The simple fact is, if you can’t be found after a visit to Google then you might as well turn the lights off, flip the open sign to closed and pull the shutters down.

There are lots of very obvious reasons why Google has become such an important part of our lives but here are our favourites:

1) It’s become a very personalised and highly specific way of sourcing information. Ploughing through brochures searching for relevant information is largely a defunct practice now.

2) It saves time and is more efficient. Could you imagine reaching for the Encyclopedia Britannica every time you wanted to know something, only to find that it’s not actually in any of the 24 volumes that you own.

3) The sheer volume of information that’s there. Asked yourself if you’ve ever Google’d something and found that no results have been returned.

4) The development of personalised technology. This has been massive for Google as people don’t even need to fire up the desktop to find something out. We all carry the internet in our pocket which means we’re never that far from Google.

5) Peer to peer recommendation. This is the case more than ever before as ‘bloggers recommend’ and ‘reviewers suggest’ to the extend that this information has become more important than the official commentary that we were used to.  

Even doctors aren’t immune to the power of Google. Every GP in the country is familiar with the phrase ‘Doctor Google will see you now’ and it’s a worrying trend which is leading to the increase of self-diagnosis. It proves that Google has an undoubted level of the power that has the ability to redefine businesses in either a positive or even a negative way so be careful, Google is a tricky beast.

Making search engines work for you and your business is important, in fact it’s vital and if you ever need any help on how your business is defined by Google then talk to us at Crescent Digital. We’re a Google badged Partner agency and if you’re not sure what that actually means then can we suggest that you … well I think you know what to do.

Goodbye & hello

September Issue – Good Bye & Hello

Goodbye & hello

Goodbye Summer

It’s sad but true, we are moving into the Autumn and soon many people’s thoughts will be on keeping warm and cosy. Its an important time too for business leads & transactions as we find it’s the time of year when staff have returned from  their vacations and sitting down to discuss plans.

Remarketing with AdWords is a great low cost way to remind previous website visitors about your business

Seasonal Sales

The next few months are particularly important for retail sales of furniture and homeware and plans for positioning to take advantage of this should be at an advanced stage. If you need assistance or advice on planning your digital marketing campaigns for seasonal sales, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Exhibition Season

For some sectors, Autumn marks a busy exhibition season, both domestically and Internationally and Crescent Digital are formally UKTI approved International digital marketing specialists, so we’re available to discuss how to help realise your ambitions.

What’s Hot?

At Crescent Digital, we love data and we’re always looking for trends to help our clients. One of the biggest spending Google AdWords clients this time last year were retailing Christmas jumpers with AdWords spend exceeding £500,000 in the run-up to Christmas.  One trend showing strong growth throughout 2016 is the fashion for military and retro clothing, such as bomber jackets:



Hottest Selling eBay Category

Many successful clients started by retailing through eBay & Amazon and several of our clients sell multi-channel through eBay & Amazon in addition to their own web site.

Incidentally, our data shows the hottest selling item category (past 30 days) on eBay to be … Moth Balls.

We didn’t believe it either, but a quick glance at some products shows that there is potential for good revenue within these niches – 201 items sold @ £506 = £101,706 revenue for one product:

moth balls


Google Penalising Mobile Pages With Pop-Ups

From January 2017, if your website contains pop-ups that cover some of the content; or the user has to dismiss before accessing the main content, your mobile search results may not rank as highly in Google.


Business As Usual

As for us, we are here for the duration looking forward to helping you grow your businesses, answering your queries and generally getting the job done.

Remove From Google Analytics

How To Remove From Google Analytics

Over the past 18 months, the problems with polluted data in Google Analytics caused by spam domains such as are increasingly causing problems. Typically, they’ll show an increase in traffic, but mostly 100% bounce rates. This means that if you’re an agency, clients initially think that they’re receiving a healthy increase in visitors, but for some reason, visitors aren’t sticking on site.

If you’re a newbie to this, a brief explainer:

  1. your website is not actually receiving this traffic
  2. this does not mean your website has been hacked
  3. spammers pollute your statistics with their domains in order to promote their domains
  4. the actual traffic involved is automated bots hitting web servers – not real people

One of the problems we typically find is after successfully removing spam data from Google data, website traffic appears to decline, although it never was real, human traffic, so we carefully explain what is happening.

What are doing slightly differently to the other spammers is in instead of spoofing referral traffic from a domain, it appears that they are using site’s (yours, mine and our clients) Google Analytics code in their website’s pages in order to make it look like they’re sending traffic to this page.

Google Certified Partners

Google certified partners, Plymouth, Devon Crescent Digital are trained by, work with & have access to Google assistance and account management.

read more

This will show up in your Google Analytics data as a Page Title being a popular page on your site as below:

Remove From Google Analytics


How To Filter

In Google Analytics, go to:

  1. Admin
  2. Filters
  3. Add Filter
    1. Enter Filter Name
    2. Choose Custom
    3. Select ‘Page Title’ as ‘Filter Field’
    4. Enter ‘AliBestSale\.com’ as Filter Pattern
    5. Verify
    6. Save

Below Is A Screenshot of how to set-up and test the filter.

Remove From Google Analytics

Crescent Digital Ltd successfully tidied up Google Analytics data and configured purposeful management reports for our clients.  If you would like us to perform this service for your business, please get in touch.



About Us

Crescent Digital are specialists in growing revenue using digital marketing through consultancy, training and execution. We are accredited by the CIM and formally approved as a service provider for the UKTI for International Digital Marketing.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this – please add you comments below and thanks for reading.

Google Manual Penalty Removal

We’ve seen quite a few of these (Google penalties due to artificial link building practices) recently, and this one was from one of our clients, although we have changed the URLs to protect their identity . If you have GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) running and your website’s configured correctly, you may receive an email and message within GWT such as below:

google-manual-action site-wide matches user-generated spam

If organic traffic to your site has dropped, it could very likely be as a result of a Google penalty.

The above message means that the Google staff believe that your site has been subject to ‘spammy’ link building practices and as a result, have applied a penalty.

The context of this post is too short to go into the full details of how we go about getting these removed, but we:

  • execute a full link audit and analysis using special tools
  • followed by outreach to request link removals
  • disavowing unremoved spam links
  • finally, a humble and extremely polite letter to Google’s staff requesting a review.

We then wait an expected 2-3 weeks before receiving an update. Whilst many people report their requests being rejected and having to reapply several times, we have been fortunate enough to have penalties removed at the first time of asking.

Get In Touch

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    Thanks for the explaination. I did everything accordingly, and now waiting for the 24h to pass for it to show up in my Analytics. However, the small one-sentence confirmation is not appearing anymore, when someone fills in the contact form on our website. Could you please give some input on how to fix this?

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    Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It does vary with the type of activity and LinkedIn frequently change their policies, but at present, LinkedIn’s maximum is 30 days.

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