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AdWords Case Study – Dramatic Improvements

We were absolutely delighted to get these figures in last week. We were called in to work with a national retailer recently in order to improve sales from its E-Commerce website and a Google AdWords campaign.

A Reduction Of AdWords Costs By 32.63% Whilst Revenue Increased By Nearly 40%

At Crescent Digital, we are bordering on being obsessed with the conversion rates of our clients websites. Many times, clients will approach us about their under-performing websites, thinking that SEO is the answer, but commonly, we see that some sites are receiving a great amount of traffic, but the visitor numbers are not converting into goals (E-Commerce revenue, leads, etc).

In this particular case, the client was concerned about:

  1. falling revenue
  2. runaway AdWords spend

After auditing the site and the AdWords campaigns, we worked on 2 areas :

  1. On site conversion rate (visitors / sales)
  2. Quality and targeting of AdWords visitors

After a  few weeks, some really exciting figures were starting to show, however, we were concerned that there were seasonal variations in there influencing results. Therefore we waited until the week following the Easter school holidays (in order to exclude Easter promos and vacation influences) and took a snapshot and compared it with the same 7 days in March. The figures are below:

AdWords Case Study - Crescent Digital, Plymouth, Devon


The figures in numbers are below:

  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate Up 30.74%
  • Transactions Up 25.79%
  • Revenue Up 39.39%
  • Average Order Value Up 10.81%
  • Unique Purchases Up 37.87%
  • Quantity Up 43.07%
  • AdWords Costs down 32.63%

We always talk conservatively to our clients about improvements, and therefore the figures astonished us. The headline figures in there are the reduction of AdWords costs by 32.63% whilst revenue increased by nearly 40% – figures that many of us dream of. We are continuing to work with this client in order to further grow sales.

If you feel that you are losing out on sales or your AdWords campaign is providing poor returns, please get in touch – we’d love to talk.

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