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Big website improvements

AdWords Case Study – Dramatic Improvements

We were absolutely delighted to get these figures in last week. We were called in to work with a national retailer recently in order to improve sales from its E-Commerce website and a Google AdWords campaign.

A Reduction Of AdWords Costs By 32.63% Whilst Revenue Increased By Nearly 40%

At Crescent Digital, we are bordering on being obsessed with the conversion rates of our clients websites. Many times, clients will approach us about their under-performing websites, thinking that SEO is the answer, but commonly, we see that some sites are receiving a great amount of traffic, but the visitor numbers are not converting into goals (E-Commerce revenue, leads, etc).

In this particular case, the client was concerned about:

  1. falling revenue
  2. runaway AdWords spend
AdWords Management Services, Plymouth, Devon

Testimonial – AdWords

We had a lovely testimonial in last Friday from a long-term client of ours. Our focus is on search and conversion. We do this by driving highly targeted visitors to websites optimised to convert visitors into clients:

Hi Steve,

I know you are not one for blowing your own trumpet, but it’s the first time I have looked at the Google analytics and ad words and all I can say is wow! Never seen a bounce rate so low for an adwords campaign, very impressive! Great job! Brilliant results.

I am going to start working more closely with Michelle but just wanted to say how impressed I am with what you have done!


Craig Downton MCIM (Chartered Marketer)

Managing Director

Are HTML emails dead?

How To Track Contact Form Submissions as Events & Goals With Google Analytics

We’re big fans of Google Analytics here at Crescent Digital and here’s how we manage to track form submissions from Contact Form 7 in Google Analytics as events, which we add as goals.

This means that we can say that for example, ever visitor who sends a message is worth £200. We track this as an event which we add as a goal in Google Analytics. This allows us to be much more efficient with customer acquisition. This may show us that 2% of visitors send us messages which means that 100 visitors are worth £400 or 1 visitor is worth £4. If running PPC campaigns, these are important metrics.


This is what you need to do:

  1. Make sure that you have Google Universal Analytics set-up for your site and you are using Contact Form.
  2. Edit the contact form you are using and add the following code to the Additional Settings field:

    on_sent_ok: “ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Contact Form’, ‘sent’);”

    Tracking contact forms with Google Analytics
  3. In Google Analytics, select Admin -> Goals -> New Goal and set up the fields exactly as shown in the screenshot:
    (only 2 fields are mandatory, CategoryAction. Set them to ‘Contact Form’ and ‘sent’ respectively.


    It will take 24hrs+ to start logging / verifying if you have just set it up.

  4. After this has been running for 24hrs , in Google Analytics, navigate to Behavior -> Events, where you should see logging happening from the contact form as below:


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    Thanks for the explaination. I did everything accordingly, and now waiting for the 24h to pass for it to show up in my Analytics. However, the small one-sentence confirmation is not appearing anymore, when someone fills in the contact form on our website. Could you please give some input on how to fix this?

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    Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It does vary with the type of activity and LinkedIn frequently change their policies, but at present, LinkedIn’s maximum is 30 days.

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    Hi there.thank you for your website
    Is there any possibility to see all my updates in linkedin from the bigining?I had been linkedin member for about 3 years or so and .I had shared simething that I need it now and unfortunately I lose to have them any where else they were gone. I’d have been grateful if you can guide me
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