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How To Attract More Twitter Followers For Your Business

Your Profile

  1. Be personable. Instead of your business Twitter account, set-up a new Twitter account as yourself, e.g. Joe Bloggs, MD of ACME Business Services, and include some of your non work interests in your profile as well as a link to your website. Despite much focus about B2B OR B2C, I subscribe to the H2H (human 2 human) theory in that people do business with people, particularly if your business is ‘B2B’. The owner / managers of your target client businesses are more likely to follow you as an interesting individual than a corporate entity.
  2. Set-up a good Twitter profile including a professional background to represent your business including your logo & contact details. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, have one created for $5 using one of Fiverr’s services


How Do You Find People To Follow?

  1. Follow:
    1. competitors (including the people they follow and their followers)
    2. your clients (current, lapsed and potential)
    3. industry influencers – aim to get your information from the horses mouth. For example regional news agencies during the recent storms followed the emergency services in order to break stories from trusted sources.
    4. associates
    5. organisations, agencies or chambers relevant to your business
  2. Use Twitter advanced search.
  3. Tweetdeck is free and allows you to search and track activity.
  4. Your local chambers of commerce, competitors, etc will have Twitter lists of 100’s of local businesses. Subscribe to the lists and follow these members e.g.


How Do You Get People To Follow You Back?

  • With a good profile, you should now expect between 1/4 – 1/3 of people you follow to follow you back. A good guideline is to follow 100 new accounts per day which should result in an additional approximately 30 targeted customers / day following you back.
  • Go through your contact lists and ask them to follow you on Twitter.
  • Consider using paid Twitter promoted tweets
  • Post good quality, authoritative tweets.




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Steve Baker, Founder, Certified Google Partner & Chartered Institute of Marketing Accredited Digital Marketing Specialist.

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As a graduate software engineer, I started operating as a professional web designer in 2000, working on projects such as Brittany Ferries and Team Philips. I am also a Google Certified partner, accredited by the CIM and formally approved as a service provider for the UKTI for International Digital Marketing.I specialise in offering a complete service in order to generate more clients to help your business grow:
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) of websites.
  • PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Social Media campaigns such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Email campaigns
  • CRM tools in order to provide the systems for your sales staff to convert more leads.
If your business would like to attract more clients and grow, please get in touch - I'd love to chat.

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Certified Google Partner and Chartered Institute of Marketing Accredited Digital Marketing Specialist.

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