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How To Remove From Google Analytics

Over the past 18 months, the problems with polluted data in Google Analytics caused by spam domains such as are increasingly causing problems. Typically, they’ll show an increase in traffic, but mostly 100% bounce rates. This means that if you’re an agency, clients initially think that they’re receiving a healthy increase in visitors, but for some reason, visitors aren’t sticking on site.

If you’re a newbie to this, a brief explainer:

  1. your website is not actually receiving this traffic
  2. this does not mean your website has been hacked
  3. spammers pollute your statistics with their domains in order to promote their domains
  4. the actual traffic involved is automated bots hitting web servers – not real people

One of the problems we typically find is after successfully removing spam data from Google data, website traffic appears to decline, although it never was real, human traffic, so we carefully explain what is happening.

What are doing slightly differently to the other spammers is in instead of spoofing referral traffic from a domain, it appears that they are using site’s (yours, mine and our clients) Google Analytics code in their website’s pages in order to make it look like they’re sending traffic to this page.

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This will show up in your Google Analytics data as a Page Title being a popular page on your site as below:

Remove From Google Analytics


How To Filter

In Google Analytics, go to:

  1. Admin
  2. Filters
  3. Add Filter
    1. Enter Filter Name
    2. Choose Custom
    3. Select ‘Page Title’ as ‘Filter Field’
    4. Enter ‘AliBestSale\.com’ as Filter Pattern
    5. Verify
    6. Save

Below Is A Screenshot of how to set-up and test the filter.

Remove From Google Analytics

Crescent Digital Ltd successfully tidied up Google Analytics data and configured purposeful management reports for our clients.  If you would like us to perform this service for your business, please get in touch.



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