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Our Apologies

Please accept our apologies if you haven’t received chocolates or cards from us. Having worked in offices where we’ve been overwhelmed with chocolates and cards, its really appreciated. Likewise, we really do appreciate & value our clients, associates and suppliers for their fine work.

However, most mornings we come across numerous homeless sleeping in the subways near our HQ in Plymouth University. There’s a lot of reasons why people may be sleeping on the street and time-permitting, we stop & have a chat & offer to buy breakfast or hot drinks at least weekly, but this only goes so far.

However, Shekinah are a local charity performing providing opportunities for people in recovery or seeking recovery, a safe space for people to develop their skills, regain their self-worth and go on to live independent and fulfilling lives.  This year we have made a cash donation to Shekinah towards their “Christmas Menu for Change” Campaign as our thoughts are with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks for reading and we wish you all a happy Xmas and look forward to 2017.


Aesop Story Engine: An Open Source WordPress Plugin For Storytelling

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The Aesop Story Engine is one of the most beautiful tools for WordPress that I’ve seen in a long time. Named for Aesop, the master story teller whose fables are woven into our cultural consciousness, this engine provides a powerful suite of multimedia storytelling tools. The Aesop Story Engine plugin was created to be a foundation for building feature-rich, interactive, long-form storytelling themes for WordPress.


The engine powers the Aesop Hosted Storytelling site where users can create stories for free. The Aesop development team has released it as an open source WordPress plugin, making it possible for you to add the same storytelling capabilities to your own website….

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John Lewis reports healthy sales

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Department store chain John Lewis reports strong sales over the Christmas period, but rival Debenhams says its chief financial officer has resigned.

Steve Baker‘s insight:

Whilst other retailers such as Debenhams were experiencing a difficult trading period, John Lewis enjoyed a 6.9% year on year growth, with nearly all the growth from online sales and unlike many other retailers, John Lewis did not discount before Christmas. 

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    Thanks for the explaination. I did everything accordingly, and now waiting for the 24h to pass for it to show up in my Analytics. However, the small one-sentence confirmation is not appearing anymore, when someone fills in the contact form on our website. Could you please give some input on how to fix this?

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    Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It does vary with the type of activity and LinkedIn frequently change their policies, but at present, LinkedIn’s maximum is 30 days.

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