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Dormant Social Media Accounts May Be Extremely Detrimental To Your Brand

For example, if you have stopped posting updates 8 months ago, your potential clients may ask:

  • Does the company still exist?
  • Is the store still there?
  • Do you still have a website?
  • So you still stock the products?

Social media posts and updates can be planned out at the beginning of the week or even the month and scheduled using 3rd party tools such as Hootsuite.

These scheduled posts could include :

  • Product launches
  • Tease and reveal offers
  • Events (media, holidays, industry)
  • Promotional media
  • Brand milestone
  • Content series
  • Behind the scenes
  • Helpful tips
  • Coupons / vouchers
  • Thank Thursdays, Follow Fridays
  • Personal (non-business related) media / updates

A flexible plan with a day to day strategy at least one week in advance would reduce the workload involved and allow social media to fit and assist with your business goals.

If you wish to find out how to go about this, please get in touch. I can provide training on how to do this or this can provide this service for your business for as little as £95 / week.

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