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How to Find Out Who’s Visited Your Site in Google Analytics

We’ve been asked by a couple of clients about services where you can find details about who has visited their site. There are paid services providing this and what they are doing is mapping the address / name of the gateway which the visitor uses to connect to the Internet with a company name.

However, in Google Analytics, you will find details of gateway name of who’s visited – the larger corps generally have static IPs with named gateways. This is suited to clients with larger corporate customers and not B2C, as home users tend to lease IP addresses from their ISP.

The report is under -> Audience -> Technology -> Network


This report details how many times they’ve been visited, how many pages have been viewed and whether they have made contact.  I add this to a daily report, emailed to the client every morning, and they can prepare to expect a lead or follow up (if they had already made contact). It also allows them to view visits from corporate competitors’ networks.


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