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Lost In Shops

I don’t know about you, but on the very odd occasion that I go shopping in Plymouth, I tend to venture in to Drake Circus Shopping Centre and very quickly I find myself lost in the collection of over 60 shops in one smallish space. Unless you’re a seasoned professional, it can be tricky to know where certain shops are and as a result, it’s actually quite hard to find the very thing you went in for in the first place.

Now you’re probably thinking what’s this got to do with Crescent Digital? And you’re right, the truth is, not a lot … in isolation. However it becomes infinitely more interesting when you start making comparisons.

Now imagine something like Drake Circus just a bit bigger than their 60 shops. Then when you have that fixed in your mind, think even bigger than that and just keep going. Keep going until to get to over 3 million shops and that ladies and gentlemen is size of the well-known shopping centre called The Internet.

The point I’m making is that the internet is massive and if you’re not careful you’ll undoubtedly get lost. The reason that’s important is because if you own one of the 3 million e-commerce websites, then the least you should be doing is signposting people to your specific site. If you’re not, you’re merely making up the numbers and the chances of anyone finding you are very slim indeed.

There’s a whole long list of advice that people will give you when starting up a business and probably the most overuse phrase is ‘get yourself a website’. Now, that in its own right is decent enough advice but I’d extend that slightly and suggest something wider still to say ‘once you have your website, think about how you’re going to drive people to it’.

As we all know from our own internet browsing, Google is the ‘main man’ on this sort of thing and the truth it’s not a quick and easy fix for anyone just to make it work for you.

Our advice is talk to a professional who can actually help and what we mean by that is talk to us here at Crescent Digital. Not only are we a Google Certified Partner, but we’re specialists in SEO, Adwords & Google Shopping which in simple terms means that we’ll get the orders flowing and make your phone ring.

We don’t mean to brag but a client approached us recently and was concerned about an escalating AdWords bill, coupled with a decrease in sales (the very worse kind of problem). We did what we do best and hey presto their e-commerce revenue was up nearly 40% and their AdWords bill was down 33% (the very best kind of solution) … now who wouldn’t want that.

So if you are interested in having a chat about how we can help, please feel free to give us a call … you certainly wouldn’t be wasting our time, in fact you’d be doing us a favour as we’d do anything to avoid going shopping again.


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